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Larnaca Hotels and Apts in Larnaca

  Larnaca is a peaceful resort on the Cyprus Island. The most distinguishing feature of the town is its large seafront walkway with the palm trees that is lined with taverns and cafes. The city has a very historic appearance. On one end of Larnaca, the Marina welcome international yachts and on the other part of the town there is a fortress of the 17th century: the Larnaca Medieval Museum. Close by there are Pierides Establishment and the Larnaca region Archaeological Museums for Remarkable antiquities, and the Larnaca Municipality Cultural Center for more new shows.

Larnaca Harbour

  On the bound of the town is the major airport that connects Cyprus with the external world. The airport is situated on the opposite side of the Larnaca salt lake. Nearby the lake there are flamingos and other migratory birds. In addition, on the border of the town is the 18th century channel called Kamares.


  Angeloktisti Church in Kiti village known for its rare 6th Byzantine variety is located only 11 km west of Larnaca. Also not far from the town there is Stavrovouni that is one of the oldest and most significant monasteries on the Island. There is also Lefkara village well known for its lace and silver. In the South there is Choirokoitia village, which is the location of the worlds most significant Neolithic settlement.

  The sea facade in Larnaca has a attractive selection of the palm trees making it the better place of relaxing. There are also the water sports accessible to the more active visitors a lot of pubs, taverns, and bars next to the sea.
  Zenon Kitieos Street is the main shopping region of Larnaca. Naturally full road of small shops, with a superbly colorful vegetable and fruit market.
  Larnaca is a town that can offer you a calm promenade under the palm trees, and a full activity in the evenings.

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List of hotels in Larnaca:

* * * * *
Golden Bay Hotel

* * * *
Lordos Beach Hotel
Palm Beach Hotel
Princess Beach Hotel
Sandy Beach Hotel
Sunhall Hotel

* * *
Faros Holiday Village Hotel
Flamingo Beach Hotel
Henipa Hotel
Karpasiana Hotel
Livadhiotis Hotel
Sveltos Hotel

* *
Amorgos Boutique Hotel
Cactus Hotel
Larco Hotel
Lenios Beach Hotel
Les Palmiers Hotel
Onisillos Hotel
San Remo Hotel

Class "A"
Michael's Beach Hotel Apartments
Stavros Hotel Apartments

Class "B"
Adonis Hotel Apts
Avenue Hotel Apartments
Frixos Hotel Apts
Laurana Hotel Apts
Lucky Hotel Apts
Kition Hotel Apts
Petrou Apts
Sunflower Hotel Apartments
Sunhall Hotel Apts
Tsialis Hotel Apartments

Class "C"
Antoniou Hotels Apts
Socoriky Sea Gardens Hotel Apts

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