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Limassol Hotels and Apts in Limassol

  A multinational seaboard city, Limassol, is the main port and an essential tourists choice. It is the center of the wine production. Limassol is well known for its extensive hotel accommodation, which has nightclubs, bars, restaurants, taverns. In Limassol there are Carnivals and Wine Festival, once a year. Down town, the Archaeological and Folk Art Museums are located.


  Amathus and Curium - two ancient city - kingdom was joined and thus appear the city known now as Limassol. This city is the most impressive archaeological place in Cyprus. The extraordinary Greco-Roman theater is situated on the sea cliff near the Mediterranean. In the theater you can see theatrical piece and musical concert. Close to the theatre stands the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, the protector of the city of Curium.


  Limassol is a historic city and everywhere is the smell of history. Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria in Limassol Castle that now is the Cyprus Medieval Museum. In the west part of the city there is the Kolossi Castle, where the Crusaders made their headquarters and it is a very good example of military architecture and confirmation of their wine production.

Reviews: Mr. Yen Chen,
  It was extended along the coast by such a strip from the West on the east on about 15 kilometers. The tourist zone in which are located almost all the hotels, begins behind park from the hotel Park Beach and proceeds in east direction, leaving far beyond the city of Limassol. Most of the tourists are Russian, Englishmen and Germans. In Limassol are sandy beaches, a bottom of the sea also. Water is pure. Up to normal depth you need to go usually about 10 steps.
Wild beaches here practically do not exist; all coastal line is divided into zones so to have a vacation in "savage" it is almost impossible. Where you would not go, there is a man who will necessarily approach you, offering to pay beach stock. The plank bed and an umbrella cost about 2 pounds. It is possible certainly to stay on your towel, but it is poorly convenient. Beaches everywhere are state, so nobody will drive you out.

Limassol beach view

The basic inconvenience consists that during the high season (July-August) all not hotels beaches of Cyprus are fully hammered, so sometimes it is necessary to search for a free place. On hotels beaches this problem usually do not exist, but consider, what not all local hotels have own beaches, and all of them are quiet small, and there are a lot of people.
The majority of the objects which represent the interest from the point of view of history and architecture are concentrated in the old part of city, conditionally limited by old port from the West, by street Gladstonos from the north, prospectus Archiepiskopou Makariou III from the east and quay of Limassol.
Here there is a fortress, in which Richard Lion Heart got married, and some churches and museums. There are lot of small restaurants and bars. Limassol is more seaport town, than tourist. Around it is a lot of villas and studios, very developed network of roads - all in an excellent condition. To get there it is possible by a taxi in any point of Limassol less than in 15 minutes.

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List of hotels in Limassol:

* * * * *
Amathus Hotel
Apollonia Hotel
Four Seasons
Grand Resort (ex Hawaii Hotel)
Le Meridien Limassol
Londa Hotel
St. Raphael Hotel

* * * *
Ajax Hotel
Crowne Plaza Limassol
Curium Palace Hotel
Elias Hotel
Episkopiana Hotel
Mediterranean Hotel
Miramare Bay Resort
Poseidonia Beach Hotel

* * *
Alassia Hotel
Arsinoe Hotel
Crusader Sunotel
Elena Beach Hotel
Golden Arches Hotel
Kanika Pantheon Hotel
Kapetanios Hotel
King Richard Hotel
Navarria Hotel
Park Beach Hotel
Pavemar Hotel

* *
Aquarius Hotel
Pefkos Hotel
Sylva Hotel

Andreas & Melani Hotel traditional Cyprus hotel
Avalon Village Houses traditional Cyprus houses
Pentakomo Village traditional two-level houses

Class "A"
Blue Crane Apts
Chrielka Hotel Apts
Castle Apartments
Jasmine Hotel Apts

Class "B"
Demero Apts
Eden Beach Hotel Apts
Mariala Hotel Apartments
Ser Criso Hotel Apts

Class "C"
Aphrodite Hotel Apts
Atlas Beach Hotel
Estella Hotel Apts
Nostalgia Hotel Apts
Old Bridge Hotel & Apts

Columbia Hotel

Columbia Hotel ****
from 74.00 Euro per person

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