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Polis Hotels and Apts in Polis

  Polis is located North West of the region of Pafos at a 30 minute distance from the town of Pafos, 45 minutes from Pafos airport and less than 2 hours away from Larnaca airport.

  Polis is the ideal holiday location for the select few who appreciate authenticity and seek rest and tranquility in a pleasant and friendly environment, which blends mountains, sea and plain with a wonderful healthy climate, a mild winter, a particularly warm, clear sea and sandy beaches.


  Polis is considered as the location par excellence for nature lovers and those keen on active holidays, such as hiking, cycling, horse riding and golf. The Tsada Golf Course is just 25 minutes away from Polis.

List of hotels in Polis:

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Aphrodite Beach Hotel

Natura Beach

Marion Hotel

Class "B"
Elia Latchi Holiday Village
Mariela Hotel Apts
Nicki Holiday Resort

Amarakos FarmHouse

C&A Tourists Apts
(Hotel with complete wheelchair facilities)

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