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Protaras hotels and Apts in Protaras

Reviews: Mrs. Samuelson
  This year have decided to live for a month on other coast of Cyprus - in Protaras.
  The biggest impression was from a trip to Farmagusta.

Protaras Pub

  We have seen a huge "dead city" Farmagusta - the center of military actions of the twenty years, plundered and absolutely empty, a former largest tourist center of Cyprus. Eleven kilometers of the remarkable beaches of destroyed and forgotten hotels are protected now by armies of the United Nations and now days do not belong to anybody - a terrible gloomy sight.

Protaras Beach

  Probably the nearest years this problem will not solve anybody. I'm sorry for Cypriotes who have lost here everything. The government of Cyprus have compensated them the lost of their real estate, but in heart all Cypriotes hate the Turkish people.

List of hotels in Protaras:

* * * * *
Grecian Park Hotel

* * * *
Capo Bay Hotel
Anastasia Hotel Protaras
Crystal Springs Hotel
Golden Coast Hotel
Iliada Hotel
Kouzalis Hotel
Odessa Hotel
Polycarpia Hotel
Sunrise Beach Hotel
Tsokkos Gardens Hotel
Vrissiana Hotel

* * *
Adelais Bay Hotel
Anais Bay Hotel
Antigoni Hotel
Cavo Maris Hotel
Harrys Hotel
Kapetanios Bay Hotel
Mimosa Beach Hotel
Paschalia Hotel
Pernera Hotel

Class "A"
Amore Hotel Apts
Artemis Hotel Apts
Ausonia Hotel Apts
Brilliant Hotel Apts
De Costa Hotel Apts
Elamaris Hotel Apts
King Alkinoos Apts
Kokkinos Hotel Apts
Malama Holiday Village
Narcissos Hotel Apts
Nausicaa Resort Hotel Apts
Sunny Coast Apts
Tsokkos Holiday Apts
Tetyk Hotel Apts
Vangelis Hotel Apts

Class "B"
Astreas Hotel Apts
Evalena Beach Hotel Apts
Flora Hotel Apts
Konnos Bay Hotel Apts
Livas Hotel Apts
Myro Androu Hotel Apts
Jacaranda Hotel Apts
Papantonia Hotel Apts
Platomare Hotel Apts
Paramount hotel Apts
Sandra Hotel Apts
Sweet Memories Hotel
Windmills Hotel Apts
Class "C"

Luxury Villas
Louis Althea Kalamies Luxury Villas

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